Hotel Tip #1

I spend a lot of time in hotels, and not because I’m a guest. In fact, for personal travel I almost always opt for an Airbnb, though I know that will change once I’m travelling regularly for work.

I spend a lot of time in hotels because I attend a fair number of conferences and I live in a city. I also love visiting other cities. Two things work against me in these efforts; I have a terrible sense of direction and I am typically alternating water and coffee or later in the day, water and wine. That means I am constantly in search of someplace to charge my phone so I can use google maps and a bathroom.

Thankfully, hotels solve both of these travel issues. I don’t yet have loyalty to a particular family of hotels so I’ll choose whatever is convenient to pop into. I do try for a chain like Marriott, Hilton, etc. since they usually have a decent sized lobby and often, free WiFi. I aggressively try not to “look like a tourist, so I’ve never had any issues walking into a hotel and plugging in my phone or using the restroom. If you walk in like you belong there then you should be just fine. It helps that hotels see thousands of people each day. Whilst in London this week, I ran into the Ritz and l was, almost too ironically, treated to a piano performance of “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

Hotels are also great options for business meetings or taking interviews. Increasingly we are moving to open office spaces which means absolutely no privacy, and hotels can help alleviate the stress of having a conversation with relative anonymity.

If you’re lucky, you can also catch a free happy hour like those found in the Kimpton and Staybridge hotels. It’s a great way to meet a colleague or kill time before dinner.

This is the first of what I imagine will be many hotel tips in the months to come. Hopefully whatever I learn on the road will be helpful to others!

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